Makita Corporation officially represented in 40 countries worldwide.

Factories located in Japan, Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, Romania,

Great Britain, Germany and USA. Baltic States officially supplied

by factory Makita China.

BOSCH represented globally, corporation owns 440 subcompanies, producing

and inventing spare parts and technologies for multiple groups. Baltic

States officially supplied by factory BOSCH Germany.


Don`t afraid to purchase tools from China, but avoid fake models.

On market regularly appears Makita, Bosch fake models from Poland,

China, Russia. Fake models are trading both retailers and wholesellers,

who always seek for cheapest offer and not being technically educated,

purchase tools in 3rd countries.



These tools (come from USA, China markets) is easy to identify:

USA cordless tool has 20-120V voltage, and corded tool has plug 110V.

Chinese models similar to European have plug 230V, but it`s flat.

Cordless tool (original) always comes with label in Chinese language.

Also cable is marked in Chinese, tool hasn`t CE certificate.

Remake easy to identify from original by changed cable with plug.

If remake has no properly changed cable with plug, it becomes dangerous-

short circle can happen. Cordless tools don`t have this problem.

Warranty for USA, China tools not valid in Europe.


Fake models

You can identify them by 3 parameters:

- plastic case

- visually

- spare details

Plastic case

Fake model differs from original by its simpleness. It hasn`t engraved

brand sign on locks, has brighter color and not closing tight.

BOSCH plastic case original sticker is thicker and typed letters don`t

erase easy. Fake models don`t have CE sign.


Every tool has its unique serial number. Fake model`s serial

number repeats, it`s the same for all batch. On label isn`t shown

manufacturing year.

Makita fake model hasn`t rubber lay on handle. It`s plastic (on photo).

Spare parts

Easiest way to identify fake model is spare parts. Original are numbered,

engraved in metal. Rotor details are smoothly milled, colored wires.

Fake model details are rude, one-colored wires.

Most popular fake model is BOSCH GBH rotary hammer. Original

differs by impact mode fixation button, fake model doesn`t have it.


* Buying tools at SIA Jobbi you have 100% genuine warranty

How to identify fake model?
1. Plastic case (engraved logo, CE certificate)


2. Visually (CE certificate, manufacturing year)

3. Spare parts