1. Handler and its contact information

Personal data processor: SIA Jobbi, Reg.No. 50103921091

Legal address: Melīdas 11-4, Rīga, LV-1015

Our contact information in matters related to the processing of personal data: info@jobbi.lv

Using this contact information or contacting us legal address, you can ask questions related to the processing of personal data.

By using the services of our online store and placing orders for goods, you agree to processing and storage of your personal data.

SIA Jobbi undertakes to process only those personal data that are necessary for the implementation of our commercial activities,

the implementation of regulations and arrangements, as well as to fulfill legitimate interests.

We process your personal data in accordance with existing laws on processing and protection of personal data, including the

General Regulation on the protection of personal data of the European Union (EU) and other legal acts that govern processing

and protection of personal data. We have completed the necessary technical and organizational work to ensure protection

of your personal data from unintentional opening, changes or other illegal processing of personal data.

2. Reasons for processing personal data

2.1 In order to ensure your registration in our online store, in this way provide the opportunity for you to receive services

and promotions, as well as offer you other privileges, we process your name, surname, phone number and e-mail.

2.2 To identify you as a buyer and a recipient of goods, write an invoice, ensure the delivery of goods and fulfill other

obligations arising from the contract, we process your name, surname, phone number, e-mail, home address and account information.

2.3 To send you information about transactions and other transactions, for example, confirmation about registration or unfinished

purchase, or detailed delivery information goods, we process your name, surname and e-mail.

2.4 To answer your questions, fill out the section on our home page communication, contact our staff by phone or e-mail, we process

your voluntarily submitted personal data - name, surname, phone number and e-mail, as well as other information provided.

Your personal data will be used only to contact you and answer your questions, comments and suggestions.

2.5 To ensure customer service quality control, to organize fulfillment of contractual services and ensure the order of goods by

telephone, telephone conversation can be recorded. Records of telephone conversations are stored no more than 3 months,

except when requested by Law Enforcement Agencies or criminal acts are ascertained. This service is provided by a representative

telecommunication services with which we have concluded an agreement.

2.6 To send out promotional materials, discount offers or any other special offers for which you have consented, we process your name,

surname, e-mail, phone number, purchase history and traffic to our home pages. You can at any time receive this data using the e-mail

automatic ability to refuse them, change data in your profile, erase stored cookies by calling our information phone 27088660, or by sending

request on e-mail info@jobbi.lv.

2.7 In order to consider your request for purchase of goods by installments, we process:



Personal code;

Copy of your identity card;

Information about your employment;

Information to evaluate your ability to pay for a purchase before concluding an agreement

Information to be sent by:

- Email

- Delivery address

- Phone number

2.8 To participate in lotteries and contests, we process your name, surname, e-mail, phone number. Expressing a desire to

participate in lotteries and contests, you agree to the processing of your personal data.

2.9 By registering for our vacancies, by sending an application to our e-mail info@jobbi.lv, you agree to the processing of

your personal data and your CV. We will process your personal data during the selection process for the vacancy for which

you are applying. If the processing of your personal data will be used for other purposes, for example, in order to to inform you,

in our opinion, of other more suitable vacancies for you, we will inform you about this before processing your personal data and

request your consent. If the candidate does not provide feedback about him, we will process your personal data to get it. During

the selection process, we can request feedback about you from your past employers and hiring services.

3. Unfinished Purchase Reminder

We inform you that we will send an e-mail about technical support within 72 hours from the moment when you do not

finish the purchase in our online store. It is necessary that make sure that you are not affected by technical problems

during checkout and cancel the order.

4. Personal data storage time

We store your personal data for as long as necessary to process the above specified purposes, unless longer storage is

provided normative acts. If the processing of personal data occurs based on your consent, your data will be processed for

as long as valid Your consent or it will not be revoked.

5. Providing personal data

5.1 To fulfill payment obligations, the necessary personal data we provide to authorized Maksekeskus AS.

5.2 To fulfill our obligations to you, we may transfer your personal data to partners, data processors who do

the necessary processing personal data upon our request, for example, to an IT infrastructure developer,

marketing agents, leasing companies, courier services, etc. At of these enterprises, in accordance with the law

and our agreement on cooperation, it is requested to protect your personal data and process it only for the above purposes.

5.3 Upon request, we can provide your personal data with state and law enforcement authorities to protect

their own, if necessary legitimate interests, fulfilling, compiling and protecting legal requests.

6. Place of processing personal data

We mainly process your personal data in the ES / EEZ countries, and your personal data will not be sent

or processed in a country that is not included in ES / EEZ, unless cookies are processed by personal data.

Read more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings here.

7. Children

We do not provide services to persons under the age of 14 years. When, if we find out that we have received

and process the data of the above persons, we will perform actions to erase the personal data of these persons.

8. Your rights regarding the processing of personal data

In accordance with the United Regulation of Personal Data Protection and Latvian Law you have rights:

8.1 Access to your personal data and receive information about its processing;

8.2 Request to correct incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete personal data, or fix them yourself in your profile;

8.3 Delete your personal data, except when the law asks us to save them;

8.4 Revoke this consent to the processing of your personal data;

8.5 Restrict the processing of your personal data - the right to request that we shortly or completely stopped processing your personal data;

8.6 Request a copy of your personal data electronically and rights to providing this data to another processor (data transfer);

8.7 Contact the Data Inspectorate State.

You can submit a request for the exercise of your rights by filing a request for legal address Melīdas 11-4, Rīgā, LV-1015,

presenting an identity card (passport or ID card), or by sending a request electronically using a reliable electronic signature.

We can make changes to the Privacy Policy at any time, and without warnings. Amendments enter into force upon

publication on the home page. You agree to periodically read this section of the Policy.

Confidentiality to be sure that you are familiar with the changes.

Privacy policy was last updated on 2019 25th September.

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